Craft Beer and Real Ale

The craft beer revolution has transformed the consumer’s attitude towards beer across the world. Interest in quality beer continues to grow and there is considerable potential for the trade to exploit that growth. We have a background in IT and can help breweries and pub companies to develop exciting online events to do just that.

The Cask Report stated that “cask ale is resilient and vital for successful pubs” and that “82% of licensees say their cask ale sales are in growth”. The report also highlighted the importance of staff training and licensees being knowledgeable about cask. The pandemic has changed much of this, but support and training are vital to ensure a rapid recovery. Second best is not going to be good enough.

Why us?

The Beer Consultancy team has the experience and knowledge to deliver training and support to brewers, publicans and staff. We provide pragmatic advice and a delivery plan that can be put into action and deliver results straight away.

We offer a range of beer-related services for both breweries and pubs that provide all the essential elements you need in order to make the most from the craft beer revolution. As well as delivering workshops and training, our team consists of capable and entertaining keynote speakers. We also run virtual tours and beer tastings for breweries.

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