Have you been scored?

Beer Scoring

If a customer tells you that your beer has scored a 2, would you know what that means? Is is good or bad? A lot of switched on licensees have now worked out that it makes sense to know more about beer scores as understanding what customers think of their beer can be invaluable feedback.

Any CAMRA member can use the national beer scoring scheme (NBSS) to score a beer, it is not meant for someone who has been trained like a Cask Marque assessor. But with nearly 200,000 scorers that is a powerful team of people going around the country judging beer quality. Beers are scored using the “WhatPub” website on a scale from 0 to 5. WhatPub is the UK’s best pub online guide and I say more about it in my information pack. What is important is that you understand what the beer scores mean.

Beer Scoring in pubs

Brett says: Get your free copy of my information pack which will tell you more about beer scoring and how customers are rating their beer.

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