Cellarmanship and Technical

Cellarmanship and Technical training carried out in your premises by an experienced brewer and quality assurance manager.

The course will…

  • Identify cellar and bar equipment in situ to the customer
  • Give you practical cask handling skills
  • Undertake a full line clean with the customer
  • Outline the importance of using safe working practices
  • Give you the opportunity to ask about beer handling procedures
  • Identify future cellar training needs
  • Outline the quality standards that breweries expect their customers to operate
  • Give you the confidence to run your own cellar and bar

The training at your premises will cover…

  • Beer types including cask and keg plus tasting
  • Handling and dispensing cask beer
  • Hygiene and beer handling
  • Practical cellar skills including stillage/racking, gas systems, cooling, fob detectors and beer fonts
  • Fault finding and beer quality
  • Bar area including dispense, hand pulls, glassware, cleaning and hygiene
  • Health and Safety and COSHH
  • Audit including bar/cellar operations, feedback and documentation

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